1. 台灣的未來,首選應是台獨,但如無法實行台獨,台灣也可考慮加入美國成為第五十一州, 或者宣佈中立. 當然,台灣還有其他的選擇,但底綫是絶不能讓中共統治台灣.
    Taiwan’s future should be the first choice for independence. However, if it cannot be implemented as independence, Taiwan may also consider joining the US as the fifty-first state, or declaration of neutrality. Of course, Taiwanese has other option, but the bottom line is by no means allowing China’s Communist Party to rule Taiwan.

  2. 老曹損這個國民黨餘孽,哈哈哈,笑死我了

  3. 我是曹粉…希望曹長青大哥能凍蒜台灣總統